German Darknet Buyer “Amazed” by Controlled Delivery

In collaboration with the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), drug investigators from the Ingolstadt Criminal Police Office used intel from a vendor bust to catch a 19-year-old darknet drug buyer. The BKA had, according to an announcement by Upper Bavarian police, law enforcement in North Rhine-Westphalia had apprehended a number of darknet drug dealers in early November. During the investigation, they found evidence that the dealers had shipped a package to a 19-year-old in Ingolstadt. Investigators in Ingolstadt performed a controlled delivery and caught the suspect at his doorstep.

German police hardly broadcasted any information connected to the North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) bust. They avoided releasing even the number of suspects arrested. Based on information released in announcements following several darknet or internet related drug busts in Bavaria, we know some of the drugs sold by the vendor(s) in NRW. They sold, at a minimum, amphetamine, ecstasy, marijuana, and cocaine.

The BKA had allegedly seized computer equipment, electronic storage mediums, and a significant quantity of drugs at both one property. According to one news report, the investigators would use the electronics as the prosecutor saw fit. The Ingolstadt Criminal Police Office received information from the BKA and authorities in Gemünden about a package headed towards a known drug trafficker in Ingolstadt.

On Wednesday, November 8, Ingolstadt Drug Investigators partnered with the parcel delivery service to perform a controlled delivery. The press release revealed that after receiving the package, the 19-year-old recipient “was amazed” to find that after accepting the package, the detectives and the parcel courier were “in his apartment with him.”

The package contained 5 kilograms of marijuana and 100 grams of amphetamine. In other parts of the apartment, detectives found another 1.5 kilograms of marijuana, 70 grams of cocaine, and “numerous” LSD tabs. Authorities also found 13,000 euros in cash and drug trafficking equipment. (Likely scales, bags, and mailing material.)

According to the press release, Ingolstadt police had suspected the 19-year-old suspect of drug trafficking since 2015. The suspect would have been on the police’s radar since age 17.

Several days after the announcement of the 19-year-old’s arrest, the Bayreuth Criminal Police Office released a statement regarding a drug trafficker they had silently kept in custody for an undisclosed period of time. Investigators seized packages headed towards the suspect’s apartment. The suspect, a 26-year-old, landed on the police’s radar at some point in Summer 2017. After a recent seizure of 200 grams of heroin and cocaine, the police moved in on the suspect. They found 500 grams of marijuana, thousands of euros, and a list of drug buyers. As of November 15, 40 buyers are under investigation.