Man Arrested In Kolkata for Peddling Dark Web Drugs

The Narcotics Control Bureau of India has been on their toes ever since the dark web fever began to grip the country. The rate at which drugs and other illicit goods being ordered via the dark web increased immensely. The increase in numbers therefore directly affected the rate at which illegal drugs flooded the streets of various countries. Dark web drug-related cases have become more of an everyday thing now in India. Citizens have taken to the dark web to acquire illegal drugs of which under normal circumstances will be extremely difficult to get from licensed sellers.

This has caused the Narcotics Control Bureau to step up their game in their own efforts of trying to put a stop to this problem. On the 13th of February, the Narcotics Control Bureau announced in Kolkata that they have arrested a city-based architect-engineer who was working as a contact person and middle-man in a drug-peddling ring which was brought down by authorities in December last year.

The Bangalore-based architect-engineer, Rhythm Das Ray, was arrested for allegedly offering assistance to a drug peddling gang based in the city, by procuring drugs from other places and seeing to their financial transactions on behalf of them. Rhythm, formerly of Manipal University in Karnataka, was reported to have been purchasing drugs from a local vendor in Nashik.

Dilip Kumar Srivastava told reporters that Rhythm was brought into his office for questioning after a notice and admitted to carrying out these crimes. In a statement release, Srivastava stated that: “He also ordered drugs like MDMA (Ecstasy) through the dark web using Bitcoin.”

According to reports, Niloy Ghosh, one of the two drug peddlers who was busted last year used to place orders for drugs through Rhythm’s bank account. Rhythm later admitted to knowing Ghosh and that he frequently placed orders of Ecstasy by depositing money into his bank account through cash deposit machines inside ATM kiosks.

Srivastava said that 22-year-old Niloy Ghosh had bought the haul of drugs through Rhythm almost six months before he was busted. Ghosh was arrested together with Jerome Watson, an event manager who resided in Komedan Bagan, for peddling drugs in many colleges and parties in the city.

NCB agents seized 148 LSD blots and over 26 grams of MDMA (Ecstasy) from them at a time when each LSD blots was going for Rs 2,500 and more, whiles a gram of Ecstasy was being sold at Rs 8,500.

Officer Srivastava stated that Rhythm’s arrest was made possible after they received information on frequent consumption of illicit drugs by many students in a college in Karnataka and was being supplied to them by outsiders in Goa.

This latest bust by the Narcotics Control Bureau adds to an impressive list of arrests so far this year as well as the previous years.

The Drug Disposal Committee of the Narcotics Control Bureau destroyed seized drugs including 67 kg of heroin, poppy husk, opium and charas at a facility in the Baliyali village in Mohali.

Manjit Singh,the assistant director of NCB–Chandigarh branch, in a statement afterward stated that representatives from the UT police Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) got together at Mohali and destroyed all of the illegal drugs.

He also said that the drugs destroyed were seized in 27 cases registered by the Narcotics Control Bureau, Chandigarh, adding that the NCB disposed of 647 kg of illegal drugs and analogs including 629.900 kg Poppy husk and 16.874 Heroin in the incinerator at Mohali, last year alone.

Another bust by the Narcotics Control Bureau this year was the arrest of a 31-year-old African man from Tanzania, who allegedly smuggled heroin with a value of $156,000 into India. Reports from authorities showed that Brayton N Lyimo was caught by officials of the NCB at Indira Gandhi International Airport after arriving from Mumbai.

Lyimo’s arrest was also carried out after the NCB got intelligence reports about an international drug peddling ring which was made up of African nationals. After the arrest, the NCB made it known that they expect full cooperation from the man including vital information which could help them arrest other members of the gang.