MSU Student Arrested for Distributing Fake Oxycodone Pills

After a string of overdoses in Minnesota and warnings issued by the City of Northfield Police, authorities have arrested a MSU student suspected of selling counterfeit oxycodone pills. The Minnesota River Valley Drug Task Force raided the room of 19-year-old Joshua Ryan Chlan and found an assortment of drugs and evidence that he had obtained them via the darknet.

The Investigation into Chlan began earlier this year when Northfield Police arrested 22-year-old Joshua Edward Tarka for selling ‘oxycodone’ pills that contained carfentanil and cocaine. The police arrested Tarka after three non-fatal overdoses that occurred within two days of each other in late February. First responders managed to revive all three people with naloxone. Police quickly learned that the pills contained carfentanil and who had supplied the pills to the three unidentified drug users.

Authorities arrested Tarka soon after learning that he had sold the pills. He admitted he sold the drugs to the unidentified drug users in Rice County District Court. He now faces numerous drug distribution related felonies. He also told investigators who he had bought the pills from: Joshua Ryan Chlan. He told them that Chlan ordered the pills on the darknet. The pills—like many counterfeit oxycodone pills—looked like blue 30mg oxycodone.

Cannon River Drug Task Force Agent Cordova contacted Minnesota River Valley Drug Task Force Commander Jeff Wersel after learning Chlan had sold the pills to Tarka. Agent Cordova told Commander Wersel that Tarka confirmed Chlan’s identity by pointing him out in a Facebook picture.

Police secured a search warrant for Chlan’s room and devised a plan at the Blue Earth County Justice Center. Two agents began surveillance at the house. One decided to make contact with Chlan’s housemates in an attempt to learn when Chlan would arrive at the house. One of the housemates opened the door and then summoned Chlan who had already arrived at the house. The officer asked Chlan to step onto the front porch to talk and then arrested him with assistance from the second officer.

When additional officers arrived, they entered the house. Chlan told them which room belonged to him. Inside they found more of the blue “K9” pills, 33 blue pills imprinted with M30 (oxycodone), 13 blue pills with the A215 imprint (oxycodone), and a green pill with the classic OC80 imprint (oxycodone), and THC wax. The criminal complaint pointed out that any of the oxycodone pills could contain carfentanil. They also found half of a gram of cocaine, seven Suboxone strips, and more than 30 grams of an unknown yellow powder in a USPS package. Authorities also seized two laptops, a number of USB drives, and two iPhones.

Soon after his arrest, Chlan caught two distribution charges and one possession with intent to distribute at Blue Earth County District Court.