Oberhausen police have arrested a suspected DNM dealer

According to reports from a local news source, the Oberhausen police in German arrested a suspected dealer who is said to have sold drugs on a large scale in the city. Explicitly, for months, the man is said to have made drug deals with his main culprit in Oberhausen clubs and also in his apartment in the Marienviertel. Indications on drug trafficking led the police officers from Commissariat 12 to track down the man. In the wake of acquiring a warrant, the officers searched his apartment in Marienviertel and found in addition to other things, more than 1,100 Ecstasy pills, as well as hashish, LSD and intoxicating mushroom mixtures, which is evocative of a general store trade. The suspect is said to have ordered the drugs from the Darknet markets and paid for them with Bitcoin.

Furthermore, the search and arrest of the man were made February 28, however, the police have now, in fact, arrested two people thus, the main suspect who is 21-year-old and an 18-year-old culprit. Nevertheless, the supposed culprit has also been in custody since March 2 as the police continue investigating.

German officials fight against illicit drug shops on the darknet

The issue of unlawful drug-related trades and activities in German has been a major concern for the German Police. Just last year, we saw many arrests of people who dealt in this unlawful trade such as the German police arresting a 29-year-old man associated with trading opiate tranquilizes in the worldwide online drug ring, and arresting another three suspects in a German drug lab bust. The Darknet is the main space for unlawful drugs and mostly traded with Bitcoin. This has alarmed the German Police and state units to fight against such darknet marketplaces and to bring them down. Due to this, about 139 German Police together with the Koblenz Attorney General and State Central Office for Cybercrime, in December, invaded properties in Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse, and North Rhine-Westphalia, taking down 13 online drug shops.

The system or ‘gang’ as depicted by NRW police sold drugs through the clearnet and darknet to a few thousand clients. At one area in North Rhine-Westphalia, police discovered in excess of 30,000 pre-bundled units of different illegal substances. Investigations revealed that five crucial suspects made and established online drug shops. They utilized the shops to offer new psychoactive substances (NPS). “The gang had practical experience in ‘synthetic cannabinoids’ and ‘amphetamine-like’ substances. A considerable number of vendors sold originator drugs as “bath salts” or “plant manures.” However, the full degree of the gang operation remains obscure, even to police, until the point when the investigation prompts extra suspects and target areas. The German officers checked 12 properties regarding 10 suspected individuals of the drug trafficking organization.

Nonetheless, four suspects in December arrived in police custody. The house and property search led to the exposure and seizure of about $3,000,000 worth of different resources. The officers grabbed various PCs, digital storage mediums, and cell phones. They seized packing material, shipping supplies, and 50 ‘moving boxes’ loaded with 30,000 pre-bundled packs of designer drugs. However, the investigators said the gang sold the drugs between $15 and $30.

The German court authorities maintained the arrest warrants for the suspects, who were caught in an early morning assault. Since the underlying assault, extra suspects may have been arrested, as one police press release incorporated a recent arrest regarding the drug trafficking system. German authorities told the press, the assessment of the proof has “recently started”. Despite the fact that the attack was a “devastating blow” for the drug trafficking system, the investigation has a longer way to go before finishing.

The Koblenz Prosecutor’s Office declared that the police expect more arrests and seizures for the situation in days and months to come. Germany is presently focusing on NPS dealers because “man-made psychoactive substances can be to a great degree unsafe.” Currently, the number of deaths following their utilization in Germany soared to 98 in 2016 and now soaring even higher.” Therefore, anybody arrested will face charges in connection with infringement of the Narcotics Act and the New Psychoactive Substances Act.