Romanian Arrested After Four Package Interceptions

After gathering evidence throughout 2017 and 2018, Romanian law enforcement arrested an Arad county man who had allegedly been ordering drugs from a darknet vendor on a frequent basis. His charges, as explained in a DIICOT press release, are for the attempted importation of high-risk drugs, the transport of high-risk drugs, without right, and in continuous form.

On March 16, the Arad Territorial Office of the Direction for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIOCT) ordered the arrest of the suspect based on what the DIICOT press release called “reasonable suspicion” that the suspect had committed the drug importation crimes that had placed him under investigation. On the following day, March 17, the Arad Court authorized a 30 day detention period while officials decided how to proceed.

While the case is an Arad Organized Crime Service and DIOCT case, it might not have existed if not for German authorities. Customs officers at Frankfurt Airport initiated the investigation in May 2017. The Frankfurt customs officers have an almost profound skill set when darknet drug trafficking enters the picture. In an overwhelming number of cases in and around Germany, the Frankfurt Airport customs office receives credit for their involvement in the case.

In May, Frankfurt Airport Customs intercepted a package of 110 grams of amphetamine that had been shipped to an address in Romania. Customs officers seized the package that contained amphetamine on May 17, 2017. German authorities presumably relayed this information to police in Arad or a similar partner law enforcement agency. The package had originated in Germany.

Then it happened again in June. Frankfurt Airport Customs intercepted a package filled with 50 grams of amphetamine. Like the first package, the 50-gram pack was headed towards an address in Romania. They seized this package on June 12, less than one month after the first package seizure. The package, like the first one, came from a German address.

The month of July proved even more eventful than the first two months of the package seizures. Frankfurt Airport Customs intercepted a package of 202 ecstasy pills. The package came from Germany and was headed for Romania. This happened in July 25, 2017. Three days later, Frankfurt Airport Customs intercepted another package headed from Germany to Romania. This package contained 100 grams of amphetamine. One could have safely assumed that Customs had profiled the vendor’s packages or had flagged the address in Romania.

The buyer (or vendor) had seemingly learned their lesson as the Frankfurt Airport Customs had not intercepted any more packages from Germany to the Romanian address. (Not that no shipments had taken place between late July 2017 and March 2018; the buyer may have simply swapped from a German vendor in an effort to avoid Frankfurt Customs.

On March 16, 2018, Romanian authorities arrested the suspect as he attempted to pick up a package that contained 50 grams of amphetamine. He will be held for 30 days prior to any legal proceedings.