Jeff Session Announces Nationwide Law Enforcement Operation Results Against Darknet Opioid

Although the darknet thrives on anonymity, Law Enforcement officials such as the FBI and the US Postal Inspectors are partly responsible for putting a stop to opioid distribution using the right techniques. Through determination and cooperation, J-CODE-the Joint Criminal Opioid DarkNet Enforcement team launched an Operation called “Disarray,” where buyers and sellers of opioids and cocaine were targeted. This four-day long law enforcement operation was a premiere intervention by the J-CODE and it led to targeted results which were announced by United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions, among others.

According to the Attorney General, synthetic opioids are responsible for most of the recorded drug overdose deaths. “Synthetic opioids are responsible for nearly one-third of the unacceptable 64,000 drug overdoses in America in 2016. Some of the deadliest drugs can be purchased with a few clicks of a [mouse button] and ordered online [at home]” he said.

There have been reports that the darknet has had a large influence on high drug overdose death in the US, and this has been confirmed by the result released.

The J-CODE has a way of ending online opioid sales, and it is already getting results. Jeff Session also announced the “first nationwide J-CODE operation that led to the arrest of alleged drug traffickers across American borders.” He expressed his gratitude to the law enforcement partners who helped to make this possible. He thanked President Trump for his strong support too.

This may not be a surprise as the Center for Diseases Control released that synthetic Opioid was responsible for about 20,000 drug overdose death in America in 2016. A test was conducted on people who died of overdose death in over 10 states. FBI Director Christopher Wray said: “Our work to combat drug trafficking has taken us from coast to coast and to the darkest corners of the web.”

He said that the opioid epidemic appears to be a public health crisis, and those in the law enforcement arena must be relentless in their efforts to disrupt this illicit activity. He gave thanks to the partners in this operation; through J-CODE, and assured them that they will continue to work together to tackle the sale of opioids on the Darknet.

After sets of interviews were made during this four-day operation, it was discovered that 19 people died from overdose. Authorities conducted a search which led to the arrest of eight suspects and the seizing of weapons, drugs, fake currency and other equipment.

As part of the operation, the team educated other officers with literature on the dangers of opioid use. Most of the states in America have their share of drug overdose related deaths, and Utah remains one of the leading States with an unprecedented annual Opioid rise. Utah was reported to have recorded 78 percent rise of Fentanyl overdose death in 2016, and this number is likely to rise in the coming years.

Guy Cottrell, Chief Postal Inspector admitted and explained how the postal service can play its role to prevent opioid influx: “The Postal Inspection Service is dedicated to protecting the American public.” According to him, one of the ways to fulfill this mission is by working tirelessly with other law enforcement agencies keep dangerous drugs out of the communities they serve. The FDA stressed on the need to increase its focus on fentanyl and other synthetic opioids.

With such a discovery, authorities are expected to take the necessary steps to control the high rate of opioid trafficking in the country, and a subsequent reduction of drug overdose death in the USA.