DoctorX & his Chemical Brothers and Sisters

“We have some fresh news from our friends of Energy Control International

If you have visited Silk Road or Evolution Forums, you will probably have heard about DoctorX. DoctorX has gathered his superpowers with a group of SuperHeroes from International Drug Checking Service from Energy Control International: Doctor X and his Chemical Brothers and Sisters (Admiral Tryptamine, Daddy Poppy, Lady K, Madame DMA, Miss Nexus and Super Paper) will fight against the Forces of Evil in Deep Web Cryptomarkets.

Among the projects of this Supergroup it is projected a bimonthly report covering specific aspects related to drug testing and cryptomarkets.

In their first report, launched on Fri 27, they analyze the presence of fentanyl derivatives in samples of heroin delivered from cryptomarkets to the International Drug Checking Service from June 2014 to March 2018

According to their results:

“It has been argued that cryptomarkets are perceived as “safer” (higher purities, less adulterants) sources for illegal drugs. Nevertheless, according to our data, heroin is a noticeable exception the average purity of heroin purchased in cryptomarkets has a wide variability. We have detected different fentanylanalogues in 11 samples purchased in cryptomarkets, 10 of which were purchased from European vendors. We think this situation can potentially lead to severe public health problems. We discuss this hypothesis and its limitations in this report, and we suggest possible actions to face this hazard.”

DoctorX and his Chemicals Brothers and Sisters are discussing these days how to face this problem, so stay tuned for more news.

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