German Man Busted for Amphetamine Orders

According to an announcement from police in Gifhorn, Lower Saxony, Germany, the arrest of two darknet dealers in the Netherlands led to the arrest of a 22-year-old in Brome. The press release all but named the two vendors who recently landed in custody in the Netherlands for a massive darknet drug trafficking operation. Dutch authorities knew the arrests would not end with the vendors. And the 22-year-old from Brome could be the first arrest in a series of more connected to the Dutch vendors.

The announcement stated that during the course of the investigation into the two Amsterdam vendors, German police learned that someone in Brome had been ordering amphetamine sold by the vendors. We have not yet learned the identity of the 24-year-old and 25-year-old vendors from Amsterdam that allegedly shipped thousands of packages to buyers in countries across the world. They sold amphetamine, LSD, ecstasy, cocaine, and other substances, Dutch police revealed. We do know the vendors ran several vendor accounts or ‘webshops’.

If a local Berlin news outlet got their facts right, the 22-year-old might not only be the first of many arrests, but the first in a series of arrests that would set records. Authorities in the Netherlands and in Germany have allegedly been working to identify buyers connected to the Dutch vendors. German authorities may have had a massive breakthrough connected to the case. Only time will tell.

During the investigation into the Dutch vendors, the police intercepted packages headed to customers in Germany, Romania, France, Switzerland, the United States, and in other countries not listed in the press release. One of the seized packages was intended for the 22-year-old Brome man. Possibly more than one; the police knew he had placed multiple orders.

The Braunschweig District Attorney filed a search warrant for the 22-year-old’s home following the arrests in the Netherlands. The authorities delivered the amphetamine and then searched the house. In the press release, the police wrote that they had discovered the amphetamine they had delivered, ecstasy, hashish, marijuana, cocaine, LSD, and assorted prescription medication described as “strong sedatives.” They found drug paraphernalia and a gas pistol with ammunition.

The authorities secured an arrest warrant based on the evidence found in the man’s home. They charged the man for importing illegal substances, possessing illegal substances, and illegally possessing prescription medication. The police called their discovery at the suspect’s home a “smorgasbord of illegal drugs.”