Suspended Sentence for Italian Drug Trafficker

The Prosecutor’s Office of Bordeaux, France, indicted seven individuals for their roles in an international drug trafficking operation. During the investigation, French customs and the Spanish Civil Guard intercepted 216 kilograms of marijuana extracts and 13 kilograms of dried marijuana.

The investigation, led by the Judicial Police of Bordeaux, began in March 2017. As with many cases covered by DeepDotWeb, package interceptions initiated the operation. The quantities of marijuana seized by authorities immediately triggered alarm bells; the police knew the would-be recipients played a significant role in the national marijuana trade.

In late March 2018, the police started rounding up conspirators. They caught five dealers at first. Three of them had already attracted the police’s attention for drug trafficking. The first three all belonged to a certain crime family, the police said. The two others arrested on the same day as the three members of the crime family had direct connections to the family but had formerly avoided the police’s radar.

During the first raid, the police found kilograms of both marijuana and marijuana extracts. They said the drugs were being kept in a safe in one of the houses of one of the primary three suspects. The police also seized several firearms and 11 vehicles connected to their drug trafficking operation. The guns consisted of two pistols, three rifles, and one shotgun. They also found and seized more than 23,000 euros in cash.

The arrest count climbed to seven throughout the month during a joint investigation by the Judicial Police of Bordeaux and the gendarmerie of Bordeaux. Their investigation continued through the indictment of all seven members of the drug trafficking group for criminal conspiracy and drug trafficking.

The police rounded up another suspected darknet dealer with potential connections to the group. Police raided another home in Bordeaux and caught a 38-year-old who they alleged had been selling drugs on the darknet for three years. He primarily sold marijuana, but his alleged business also dealt with cocaine and LSD.

Not long after announcing some of the arrests, the Italian officials had finished their case against the 38-year-old. They had charged him for possessing hundreds of grams of marijuana, 80 grams of cocaine, and an unknown number of LSD blotters he had kept in his refrigerator. They placed him in custody and he recently made his appearance at the Bordeaux Criminal Court. The Court issued an 18-month prison sentence, suspended with two years probation.

The other individuals are still waiting for their sentences and the police are still investigating associates of the group.