Greenwich Man Faces Fresh Fraud Charges Awaiting Sentence

George Avrido faces charges after pleading guilty to using dubious means to forge fake checks to steal from customers. He has been charged for using someone’s credit card to pay for a rented apartment in Biltmore building on Greyrock Place, as well. According to the affidavit, Avridor contacted someone on the darknet to assist him in the forgery. He used a valid paycheck from his former employer, a Limousine company, and sent it over to the person on the darknet. The paycheck was altered and used with an illegal access his victim’s account. He therefore made deposits using his cell phone.

According to the police, someone reported a hijacked credit card, and this was made known to the public. The Landlord, therefore, contacted the police after suspecting an impersonation of the credit card information used by Avridor. Authorities therefore took swift action to arrest him. He made a deposit on six separate counterfeit checks which according to the affidavit summed up to $4,843. He has freshly been charged of “larceny, identity theft and illegal use of a credit card.” Also, there have been different counterfeit experiences by Dark web users which have not ended well.

Other than the evidences against him, he was also captured by the security camera while withdrawing the deposited money from an ATM machine. Records show that the 42-year-old man engaged in this activity for a long time with much experience. From July 2013 and October 2016, he managed to commit frauds which earned him a total amount of $889,425 from his customers. This made him subjected to a possible 30 years prison sentence. The most recent fraud case was reported by the Limousine Company.

After his earlier arrest, he paid $50,000 bond which led to his release. As part of the conditions of the bond, he was not supposed to leave the state. With respect to this, he was ordered to submit his passport to local authorities. This extended his sentencing to August. It was during this released period that he stole almost $1 million dollars from his customers. In the court records, he failed to appear before the court in 2003 after being charged with fourth-degree larceny, a misdemeanor. According to information, he was pulled over at the traffic stopped and charged with failure to appear before the court in 2011.

In 1995, he worked at the Stamford Photoshop. Then he was starting his counterfeit credit card business and making transactions. Authorities said that he would mark on the credit card accounts “dummy transaction”. Over that time, he was charged with 13 counts of illegal credit card use and a felony count of larceny.

Avridor is currently in the police custody in lieu with a bond of $250,000 of a court appearance.

There have been several forums on the Darknet where fake checks are made and purchased. Last year, authorities arrested a 20-year-old man for ordering counterfeit money from the Darknet. After the BKA raided the homes of several suspects, authorities confiscated 1,400 fake bank notes of 50 Euro. The busted 20-year-old dealer and the many other arrested dealers sold counterfeit notes to people who ordered them, unlike Avridor who sent valid paychecks to someone on the Darknet to alter it for his use.

With respect to the many counterfeit bills and checks which have been in circulation and recorded by the Greenwich authorities, Robert Barrett of the U.S. Secret Service said some years back that the common use of counterfeit money in different areas has made it easier. Authorities have also laid down plans to regulate the use of such bills in the system aside from the many arrests made. According to her, counterfeit bills do not pass on as they immediately end at the merchant or at the banks. This is one strategy they have employed to keep it out of the system.