Dealer Arrested for Forcing Ex-Girlfriend to Overdose on Fentanyl

An alleged darknet opioid dealer has been arrested for assault and robbery after attempting to kill his ex-girlfriend. According to a statement taken by authorities in a small town in Washington, Zachary Lowell Madding, 29, had texted his former girlfriend about a “drug that could help her wean off opioids.” When the woman came to pick up the drug in question, Madding allegedly forced Xanax down her throat and subsequently sprayed fentanyl up her nose.

The 29-year-old, according to court documents, had been staying at a hotel on Harbour Place in Washington while under Department of Corrections supervision. His ex-girlfriend had left him for the sixth time after he had been investigated for attempted murder. The police heard that the ex-girlfriend had been trying to stop the use of hard drugs. Specifically opioids. She told the police that she had gone five days without using hard drugs prior to her encounter with Madding. Madding, she told the police, had effectively lured her to the aforementioned hotel under false pretenses and attempted to kill her via an opioid overdose.

Madding had allegedly texted his ex-girlfriend about a drug he had that would help her stay clean and away from opioids. He told her where he had been staying and offered her some of the drug. Due to Madding’s alleged status as a darknet drug dealer, the ex-girlfriend had expected him to have the drug for her, rather than meeting face-to-face.

When she arrived at the hotel, the statement read, an unknown amount of time had passed before Madding told his ex-girlfriend that he would do anything to keep her with him. At 6:30 a.m., the ex-girlfriend texted her new boyfriend and asked if he could come get her. He arrived at the hotel and looked for her but had no success in finding her. At 9:30 a.m., she texted him again. This time the current (or new) boyfriend went to the hotel lobby where he found his girlfriend (Madding’s ex-girlfriend) running around — “red-faced, crying, flushed, barely dressed, no shoes on,” the boyfriend explained.

Moments after he had spotted his girlfriend, the boyfriend saw her ex-boyfriend chasing after her, telling her that she needed to stay with him. The new boyfriend intervened. “In just a matter of seconds he had shoved me, I turned around, I threw him on the bench and choked him out, and by the time I got done doing that I looked over and she [appeared] dead,” he told the police. The police fortunately arrived at the scene with enough time to revive the ex-girlfriend. She told the police that she had arrived for the drug, but once he she had gotten there, he forced Xanax down her throat and then sprayed fentanyl up her nose with a bottle of fentanyl in a nasal spray bottle.

Police arrested Madding. He gave the police a fake name, connecting himself to the numerous fake identities he had been using to stay at the hotel without putting his own name on any papers. When the police searched the room he had been staying in, they found carfentanil and heroin. They also found pre-packaged USPS mailers that contained packages of heroin. After his arrest, Madding admitted that he had been selling heroin and fentanyl on the darknet and that the packages were intended for his customers.