Another Massive Darknet Drug Bust in Germany

Police in Germany arrest suspects behind 125 Kg+ of synthetic drugs.

Barely a week after French investigators took over Black Hand, law enforcement in Munster have seized up to 250 kilograms of narcotics that had been previously ordered on the Darknet from the Netherlands. The illegal drugs were destined for clients in Germany.

The intelligence team, which comprised of narcotic experts from Munster and Zollfandungsamt Essen, have been observing the traffickers for almost a year. The police tracked them down and as the deep web drug sellers were making their deliveries through customs, they were able to intercept the boat load.

The Munster prosecutor reported that on May 16, police were alarmed by a large delivery in Enschede. They arrested two alleged Dutchmen who they suspected to be behind the smuggling. The two, ages 25 and 27, were accused of conspiring to ship illegal substances into the European country. At that time, in Bad Bentheim, the two allegedly intended to sell over 6,300 ecstasy pills as well as 100 kgs of synthetic drugs. The duo has been in custody since arrest as they were associated with the sale of more than 30,000 pills and 80 kg of other drugs.

The anti-narcotic officers followed the suspected owners of the drugs to a large drug warehouse where in Enschede. The suspects had rented the building specifically as a hide out for the storage and packaging of the drugs.

There, the police confiscated 44,000 ecstasy pills and around 125 kgs of other psychoactive substances. These included cocaine, cannabis, heroin and synthetic drugs. Again, they found more than 1,000 packages alongside postal letters. The police further took with them other equipment such as bubble wraps and vacuum cleaners. They arrested a 28 year-old who is now under an extradition detention.

The shipments had originally been ordered from Netherlands and were destined for Germany and other European countries. The investigation team aimed at trailing the postal shipment back to the ‘main suppliers’.

The police did not stop there as they further pursued the recipient as indicated on the addresses. They rung several bells in homes whose addresses were indicated in the lists gathered from the suspects. The investigators believed that the drugs were too much to be meant for personal use. So, they held that the addressees wanted to resell them on the deep web marketplaces.

The two suspects as well as their bosses will not face a jury in Germany. According to a local news outlet, the prosecution side is set to push for 5-15 years imprisonment for each trip. This may include heavy fines imposed on the traffickers.

Since the 2016 shooting in Munich where the terrorist purchased his weapon on the darknet, police have intensified their crackdown on the dark web. Law enforcement in the country have made the platform their new center of criminal investigations. This has been followed by several measures which include the arrest of Darknet users. In November last year, they raided up to 400 kilos of drugs in Wuppertal. Then, in May, the Bavaria parliament passed a controversial law that aimed at empowering the local police to handle information in their quest of fighting against illegal activities on the safe web.