Two Austrians Arrested for Drug Distribution

According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Salzburg, a pair of brothers, for roughly one year, ordered drugs from the darknet to resell throughout the Salzburg area. They allegedly ordered on nine separate occasions. The orders often included thousands of grams of various substances.

The suspected drug dealers allegedly started buying drugs in May 2017. The first order was small; they told police investigators that they had placed an order for just under 300 grams of amphetamine and a much smaller amount of MDMA. For the most part, the duo specialized in amphetamine and MDMA. Later package seizures revealed that the suspected dealers had branched out to selling other substances as well. But, never sold other substances to the degree they sold amphetamine and MDMA.

Salzburg investigators—through an unknown method—uncovered information that led them to suspect that at least one of the brothers had been ordering drugs from the darknet. They had not, at that time, intercepted any packages. Salzburg police arrested a customer of the alleged drug dealers and possibly arranged a plea agreement wherein the customer received a reduced punishment in exchange for information about his or her dealer. In fairness, Salzburg police could have simply arrested a customer who had no problem talking to the police even without a plea deal or similar arrangement.

With at least one of the suspect’s addresses under investigation, the police then watched for incoming packages as they do in nearly every case of the same nature. In March 2018, Salzburg police working the case finally found something useful. With the help of Customs in Germany, the authorities intercepted a heavy package of drugs from a darknet vendor known to Customs through package profiling.

The younger suspected dealer, a 25-year-old, ordered amphetamine, MDMA, and cocaine from a vendor. He provided the vendor with the address of his 27-year-old brother, investigators reported. For unknown reasons, the younger brother chose to ship packages to his older brother’s apartment instead of his own residence.

Together, towards the end of March 2018, both suspects travelled to the postal station where they could retrieve the package. Salzburg police had been waiting for them at the station after ensuring the duo one of the package’s arrival. After arrival and package retrieval, the brothers found themselves surrounded by police officers. Officers arrested both men and placed them in custody. Meanwhile, other officers had obtained a warrant for the older brother’s apartment. Inside, they discovered more than 1,000 grams of amphetamine; cocaine of an undisclosed weight; 40 grams of hash; and 90 grams of marijuana.

At the police station, the brothers confessed to buying drugs on the dark web and reselling them to buyers in Salzburg. So far, authorities have arrested or questioned five suspected buyers.