Dread is Migrating to a New Host

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Dread administrators are actively migrating Dread to a new host and the downtime is “nothing to be be concerned about,” according to a message from one of the admins. An issue with the current host unexpectedly brought Dread down and the host provided “less than adequate responses” when asked about the incident.

Edited to add an update from HugBunter.

Paris wrote, in a message on Envoy (here) and on Dark.Fail (here):

So we got some host problems. Nothing to be be concerned about but we can’t stay with the host the current cluster is on. In one swoop the whole cluster went offline for really no reason. Reaching out and finding out why yielded… less than adequate responses to my tastes.

Simply put I don’t trust them anymore and until I can get the distributed cluster design to work we are stuck with this kind of localized bullshit. Hopefully the next host will be not as much as an asshole as this one is. We are probably going to lose about 4 days of content due to this (unless hug has a more recent full backup). Dread is a free service supported by some good advertisements and of course all ads will be extended ontop of the downtime.




So we got some host problems…

In response to a question about the data loss, Paris wrote:

Basically it will be like a time reversal. The site will just go back to the snapshot date when the backup was taken place. So if you created your account made a post or comment in the last four days that information will be lost into the abyss. Shit happens. At least it’s not two weeks this time.

HugBunter posted a message on the DreadAlert subreddit on January 10.

We have experienced a server crash which has affected our whole cluster and we expect to have an extended period of downtime right now, spanning into the weekend.

Currently investigating as to the cause and any damage we may experience due to this. Hopefully there will be no data loss, however it appears there may. We have recent backups which will keep any data loss at a max of 3-4 days. Of course this would still not be a blow that this will soften any further due to the extremely increased user activity Dread has had in recent weeks

due to perfect uptime and platform speed increases. Any accounts, posts, comments from the last few days may be lost.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused, I’ll be pushing a planned feature update once service is restored.

And in .txt format here and here.