Torum is Shutting Down

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Torum, a cybersecurity forum for Tor users, is shutting down. The forum administrator posted an announcement on the forum’s landing page that notified users of the shutdown. In the message, the administrator called Torum’s operation a success and thanked the Torum moderators for preventing the forum from turning into a “spammed out mess.”

Over the course of three years, Torum grew to include more than 130,000 users, according to its administrator.

The message, available on the index page of the Torum onion service address here, is also available below. The administrator’s PGP key is available in the Torum listing on OpenDark.Net forum index as well as here.

I am retiring. I ran Torum for over 3 years, the truth is I lost the passion for hosting Torum a long time ago but kept it online for the community. Torum has always been a non-profit project for me, even to the extent of rejecting donations. We grew to be a strong community of over 130,000 members. Compared to how some other projects conclude, hosting for over 3 years and wrapping up on my own terms is what I would consider being successful

Is it possible Torum returns in the future? Maybe. But I’m taking a break from the darkweb for a while, so even if Torum did possibly return it wouldn’t be anytime soon. Is it possible I give Torum away to someone I think is capable of hosting it and they relaunch it? Who knows. Maybe that could work, but again, I’m not rushing into anything. What I can say is Torum is gone for the foreseeable future, potentially permanently.

Thank you to everyone that contributed to the growth of Torum. Thank you to all Torum moderators, past and present, without you Torum would have been a spammed out mess. To all the people that tried to take Torum down over the last 3 years, I hold no grudges. I wish a prosperous future to everyone.


The Torum moderators kept the forum free from the spam that staff on other forums struggle to eliminate or keep at an acceptable level. Maintaining a forum at this level is difficult, as proven by the administrators of other darkweb forums. HugBunter, the administrator of Dread, has struggled with spam created by a small number of bad actors. Fortuna, a co-administrator of Envoy, had difficulty keeping the forum online at times. Both Envoy and Dread have seemingly weathered the chronic denial of service attacks that tanked their availability for up to months at a time.

A picture of Torum featured threads about hacking and cybersecurity in general | source: DigitalShadows